Child upset with parents fighting

Separation and Divorce

The divorce rate in Canada hovers around 40%. Thus, many people reconsider their prior commitments, and decide to separate from their partner. It can be a time of stress and confusion. Sometimes, the decision is made by both partners, and at other times the decision preferred by one of the partners. There is often emotional pain, feelings of rejection, hurt, and anger. There is usually a desire to try to understand what occurred that led to the decision to separate or divorce. There may have been a history of conflict, and difficulty, or the decision may have been a sudden, seemingly without context.

When children are involved, it is critical to try to deal with the relationship issues as amicably as possible. There are important decisions that the partners must make that will affect the children and their wellbeing. Thus, working together is the ideal. As well, the parents are responsible to try to help their children cope with their own feelings of loss, confusion, and grief.

Separation and Divorce are two of the most common reasons people seek help to assist themselves and their families with these difficult transitions.