Psychological Ethical Standards

In Vancouver the practice of registered psychologists is regulated by the College of Psychologists of B.C. The goals of the College are to protect the public as well as to regulate the psychology profession. Dr. McCulloch is licensed by the College (01220), and thus conducts her practice in a way which is governed by standards for ethical professional behavior. This standard is the Code of Conduct, and can be reviewed at the following link:

Important components of a professional psychological practice include: Confidentiality; Informed Consent; Standards for Competency; Guidelines for Professional Conduct; Appropriate and secure management of Records; among others.

Ethical and value-sensitive practice is very important to Dr. McCulloch, and is integrated in her approach to her work with clients, other professionals, and the world at large.

Counsellor in therapeutic process with Young Couple treating relationship conflict and intimacy issues, Vancouver B.C.