Young woman starting university

Life Transitions

As people grow and develop they find themselves going through transitions, which are which natural. Transitions include experiences such as going away to university, or leaving home, or getting married, or having a child. Transitions occur when one retires, or moves to another part of the country. Transitions occur over the lifecycle, and represent different stages of development.

Times of transition are by definition stressful. The stress may be perceived as “good” or “bad”, but it remains challenging to the individual to find ways to cope with the stress. The change may represent a challenge to one’s identity, such as becoming a parent, or retiring from a career. It is natural to look for assistance to work through the transition and adapt to the changes that are occurring. This may mean developing inner emotional resources, or seeking ones in our environment. It may mean adapting to a new identity and becoming comfortable with it. And it may mean letting go of the past, as one changes and adapts to a new future.