Grieving man

Grief and Loss

Most people experience the loss of a loved one, a close relative, or a pet, at some time during their lives. The process of grieving and managing loss differs from person to person. Some at profoundly sad, immediately after the loss, and continue to go through different aspects of loss for some time afterwards. Others do not grieve until a later time. It is not necessary experienced as “stages” but a process where one can feel shock, sadness, profound grief, anger, regret, reflection, spiritual, non-spiritual, and other feelings, either all at the same time, or in various combinations at different moments. The nature of the loss, and what the loss means to the individual are important aspects that can be discussed within the context of counseling.

Why see a professional about something that cannot be changed? It is true the counselor cannot bring back your loved one. But you can experience some relief to have compassionate listening and understanding of what you are feeling. One feels very much alone, when grappling with these emotions. To have a place and a person where you can talk about all of your grieving process without censure, and without judgment, can assist healing.