Sick elderly woman in hospital with husband looking on

Death and Dying

Some individuals find themselves facing health issues leading to sudden or chronic disability, and eventual death. Or one may be faced with assisting a spouse, close relative or friend through this process. There are social mores which create barriers to discussion of these kinds of issues and experiences. Yet many important decisions emerge that must be addressed in order to manage “end of life” in the way you or your loved one wishes. It can be helpful to get support and have a place to process your feelings about these events so you do not have to burden caregivers or loved ones with your own experience.

It can be a stressful time between the ill person and their family, and counseling can assist by providing a place for people to come together and talk about difficult issues. A neutral setting with a professional can help people to be clear about what needs to be said or to be done, to facilitate minimal harm to the relationships.